Spurs Maintain the Flagship Player

Danny GreenGiant NBA, San Antonio Spurs, decided to re-sign point guard flagship, Danny Green. 28-year-old basketball player before his free agent status after his contract runs out along the 2014 NBA champion. Spurs has maintain its flagship player by signing the contract. Spurs complete the agreement on Wednesday morning, 15 July 2015. The negotiation and the agreement is not only about longer the contract, but it’s also about Green position on the team based on the AT and T Center for at least one season to the next. It seems like Spurs was in a shock state when they knowing about the free agent status that Green almost got.
It’s kind of surprising to hear the news that Spurs nearly release Danny Green as a free transfer.  It’s because Danny Green status as Spurs flagship player. Green is always showing his best performance in every game with Spurs. Danny Green was a player who once grazed along with Union Olimpija in Slovenia and he was important actor success of the trip Spurs became champions in two seasons ago. It’ll be such a regret decision if Spurs was really release Danny Green as free agent.
judi online terpercaya has reported one of the rising start basketball players, not everybody really knows about his career and the reason why Spurs keeps him in the team. He starts his career as an amateur basketball player back when he was a freshman year in North Babylon High School. At that time, Green played as a quarterback. He then continues his sophomore year in St. Mary’s High School in Manhasset, New York. During his senior year in high school, he was listed for number 8 for the shooting guard position and he was listed for number 31 player in the nation in 2005. We can see from this information that he has already starts showing his talent since high school.
He continues his career in college at UNC. He improves so much during his period in college. He achieved many great things while he was playing when he was in college. Those achievements are: He was a part of the national championship team in 2009, He became one of the four players in the history ACC that can do 100 three-points field goals and 100 blocks, the only Tar Heel in the history that can make more than 50 three-pointers and more than 100 shots, playing as defensive player in UNC for 15 games, he has been played for 145 games with 123 wins from that number, and many more.
Green began his professional career in the NBA in 2009 to defend the Cleveland Cavaliers. One season with the Cavs, Green then moved to the San Antonio Spurs. He was sold to the D-League team, Reno Big Horns. Then go back to the Spurs in 2011. It was reported that Green has signed the contract with Spurs for four-year long and US$45 million. Even though Green was still less experience in NBA, he is surely has big potential to be success. Let’s hope the best for Danny Green and Spurs.

Jenson Button is Thinking About the Option that He Has

jenson-buttonOne of the McLauren’s member, Jenson Button is actually feeling insecure about his future inside the big team. His bad performance during this season is one of the reason of his insecurity. He feels that his future inside the team is bad. The McLauren can kick him out once the season ended. However, if in the end Button really separated from the McLauren, he actually still has some of alternative options. Button said that he will give thorough thinking about those options. He feels that he need to carefully choose his future.
Currently, Jenson Button is on his 16th season in F1. This mean Button is one of the most experienced racer on this season. His seniority actually give some hope that he will be doing better than the rest. So, there are many people that wish Button will give the McLauren good position on the standing.
On the contrary, bad thing has been happened lately. Together with his teammate, Fernando Alonso, both got some bad troubles that made the team stuck on low position on the standing. But,fortunately, Alonso has been successfully got the tenth finish position on GP England. This position is secure Alonso in the McLauren. In the next season, the McLauren will still acquired Fernando Alonso as their racer. But, Button is not as fortunate as his teammate, Alonso. Button, who is an English gentlemen is on the verge of being kicked out from the team. The McLauren has considered to replace the senior racer with the younger one, such as Kevin Magnussen. The big team thinks that replace the senior member with the young will give lots of benefit to the entire team. Also, they hope that they can increase their position on the standing.
Now, the season is already on the middle time. The senior racer, Button, is still not having a good significant increase in his performance. He was only get one point when he attended the GP England. This is a quite bad performance, especially when compared to Alonso who successfully secured the tenth position in the GP England. Button said that he already knew that his future in the McLauren is already not as bright as the past. So, this senior racer already give a deep think about what will he do when he is not with the McLauren anymore.
If he does not get any chance to stay in his current team, he said that he still has many options in other places. He is not really thinking about the next season. The big thing is his mind right now is how about his team can get a better position in the standing. He admitted that he has lots of work nowadays, but he will still give his all in this current season to place his team on the higher position in standing when the season ended. He will also struggle to increase his car performance since it can also help him to achieve a better finish position in the race.

Dilemma of Valentino Rossi

Rossi - still highly motivated to race and give the youngsters the business

The famous racer, Valentino Rossi, got finish on the third position on the race in the Sachsenring circuit. This is a bit regrettable. In the race on the Sanchering circuit, the racer with the alias name as The Doctor was not able to stop his rival, Marc Marquer. His ambition to become the fastest racer must ended on the third position. Rossi was unable to conquer Marquer like what he did back then in the Dutch MotoGP. The third position that Rossi got in the finish actually makes his fans sad. They have big hope for the genius racer, Valentino Rossi. Of course, they were hoping that Rossi can finish on the first position of the standing in the end of the race. But, their wishes ended when Pedrosa got the second position.
During the race on the Sachsenring circuit, Rossi was competing with his rival, Pedrosa to achieve the second position in the standing. Actually, Rossi was once riding faster than Pedrosa and was in the second place. But, unfortunately, the racer who also famous with the name as The Doctor was not able to stop Pedrosa in the end of the race. Bitterly, The Doctor must be satisfied with his third position in the standing.
judi Online terpercaya, Rossi stated that he was in dilemma when he participated in the Sachsenring circuit. He thought about Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo during the race. Rossi said that he acknowledged Pedrosa as his rival. According to Rossi, Pedrosa was able to race very well. Rossi thinks that Pedrosa is a gifted racer and his rivals. Pedrosa is also a fast racer that can overcome many of his rival in the racing world. But Rossi also stated that he already learnt well about the circuit before the race start to improve his performance during the race,so that he would not defeated easily by his rivals. Still, Rossi was in big dilemma. He was worrying about his position.
On a one moment, Rossi thought that if he can get the second position, it will be good. Surely, the second position will give his fans and team more happiness rather than finished on the third position. But he also admitted that he was thinking about his position with Jorge Lorenzo. He also stated that he wanted to let Pedrosa to win over him. This made him to rethink about his action. He said that he wanted to give a crazy performance and get the second position, but again, he think about his position with Jorge Lorenzo and also Pedrosa.
This problem haunted Rossi’s mind during the race. In the end, Rossi got the third place on the standing. Be it because of he lost or because he let his rival, Pedrosa to win, he is still on the third position of the standing at the end of the race in Sachsenring circuit. Rossi said that he do not want to get any trouble in his performance. He also choose to avoid the risk because Pedrosa has strong performance.

Veteran NBA Player Praises New Recruitment in Miami Heat

amare_stoudemireThe new recruitment in Miami Heat has catches attention lately. Recently, Miami Heat got Amar’e Stoudemire as the new player. His arrival to Miami Heat was greeted by a veteran NBA player and star of the Heat, Chris Bosh. Chris Bosh is feeling so happy and grateful to know the fact that Amar’e Stoudemire will helping the team starts from the next season. The former Toronto Raptors said that Amar’e Stoudemire is a leader figure who will bring Miami Heat in a great condition. It seems like Chris Bosh has a high hope for Stoudemire performance in Miami Heat.
Stoudemire is one of the players who had been long enough playing in the NBA. No wonder if Bosh assume leadership will be very useful for the team based at the American Airlines Arena. Bosh said that he has talked with Stoudemire for a few times and from the conversation with him, Bosh knew for sure that Stoudemire is a good figure. Bosh continue saying that the fact that Stoudemire wants to join Miami Heat is kind of surprising. He can’t believe that fact, and at the same time, he felt really happy.
Bosh then continues to share his opinion about Amar’e Stoudemire regarding to his performance so far. He said that Stoudemire is a good leader figure and he’s is a hardworking person who has a good work ethic. Since Stoudemire has started to play in NBA in 2002, it’s the fact that he has a long enough experience for being called a professional. Chris Bosh believes that Amar’e Stoudemire will give a big impact for Miami Heat. He is also believed that Stoudemire will lead the team to create best performance and get a good result in the next season.
Well, let’s take a look for Stoudemire career to know about him better. He starts his career in Phoenix Suns in December 2002. In his rookie performance against Minnesota Timberwolves in December 2002, he got 38 points and that’s the highest score in the season that creates by a prep-to-pro basketball player. Since then, he keeps showing his best performance in all the games that he joins. Amar’e Stoudemire stay in Phoenix Suns until 2010. After that, he plays with New York Knicks start from 2010 until 2015. During his performance with New York Knicks, he continues to succeed until the 12th season. But then, he got some serious injuries and he got his injury plagued season from 2012 until the 13th season. In February 2015, Stoudemire joins Dallas Mavericks and got a record for getting 14 points in 11 minutes when Dallas Mavericks against Charlotte Hornets.
Amar’e Stoudemire only stay for one season. On July 2015, he signed a contract with Miami Heat. It’s very obvious that the reason for Stoudemire recruits is intended to bring back its former glory for the Heat. Especially last season, the Heat failed to break the playoffs for the first time since 2008. That’s why there’s a big hope for Amar’e Stoudemire to bring back Miami Heat in its best performance.

Gay Couple Athletes Rugby Kissing for Italian Magazine

A sports magazine in Italy creates a hot issue. The latest edition of Sportweek magazine covers showing a couple gay kissing. This cover makes a lot of controversial among the people in Italy. It’s true that the gay issue has been discussed for a long time. After United Stated of America declares for letting gay marriage, a lot of gay-relation organizations were starting to speak up about the gay marriage too. In internet, you can easily found a lot of people –especially from minority gay countries- want to express their thought about freedom of choice to marrying the same-sex partner.
Carrying the theme ‘who is afraid of kissing?’ Sportweek display models are also athletes’ rugby. Both men are gay couples who play in Libera Rugby Club. After the magazine told public about this fact, many Italian are speaking up about their opinion. Since the same-sex relationships in Italy are still a hard-to-accept issue, the contra opinions were much more than the pro comments. This issue was especially hot among the rugby athletes and athletes in general. There are even rumors spread that there will be many gay athletes couples that will show up their relationships too. It seems like the braveness of this rugby couple has motivating other gay athlete’s couples too.
Sportweek featuring a gay couple as a cover is not without reason. They are trying to fight the “last taboo” of homophobia is happening in the world of sport. The reactions from people about the gay couples from athletes are harsher than other gay couple. Even in the open-minded country for gay couple such as United Stated of America, there are not many gay athletes couples that want to showing up their relationship. It seems like this issue that want to be rises by the magazine. Even though the magazine said that they only have that “pure purpose”, many people were actually saying that the magazine only wants to create an issue to sell their magazines.
The response of the installation of the cover varies in social media. One Twitter user considers the picture on the magazine as being painful and so ideological. Other people are also speaking for similar opinion. Many people said that it’s kind of disgusting to see a couple kiss as a cover magazine even for a heterosexual couple. So far, those two were the reasons people hate the cover magazine so much.
To note, Italy is the only country in Western Europe that do not recognize same-sex relationships. In that condition, it’s kind of normal for people to react like that. There is still no big problem occurred regarding to that cover magazine. Well, whatever the motive is, people are the one that will judge whether they can accept it or not. Even if your country say yes for same-sex marriage, but if the majority of people didn’t want it then it will not goes well. And that’s work for the vice versa too. If your country says no for same-sex marriage, but if the majority of people say yes then it will goes well for gay couple.

Spurs Maintain Danny Green for the Team

Danny GreenIn the nest season, many people were predicted a fierce competition between giant teams in NBA. All NBA teams are in preparation to do better in the next season. Some of the teams are trying to make a tight schedule for players as part of the training, and some others are trying to buy new players to make the team stronger. It’s not only the issue for the team; it’s also the issue for the player. Some of the players want to get a better payment so they want to move out from the team. There are already many big issues about the team that loses their players for the upcoming season. But, there are also some teams that are actually trying so hard to maintain their players.
One of the big NBA teams, San Antonio Spurs, decided to re-sign contract with their player, Danny Green. This 28-year-old basketball player was almost become a free agent player by the end of his contract with Spurs. Of course, there’s a possibility that Spurs won’t ask Green to sign the contract since he’s still considered as rookie in NBA. But it seems like Spurs sees his great talent for basketball so they decided to re-sign the contract with him again.
Even though Green is still rookie, his talent for basketball has been shown up since he was an amateur basketball player during his high school and college periods. Currently, many experts see Danny Green position as Spurs flagship player. Green is always showing his best performance in every game with Spurs. Many teams were started to get interest with his performance and want him to join the team. It is a common thing for big teams to buy a rising star player to join the team. There are two basic reasons for that decision. First, rising star player got so much attention from public. With his popularity, the team will be popular too. Second, rising star player has such high potential to be success. There are a lot of teams who want to train the rising star player to become a professional player, even the legend one.
Green began his professional career in the NBA in 2009 to defend the Cleveland Cavaliers. Green then moved to the San Antonio Spurs after finish one season with Cleveland Cavaliers. He was sold to the D-League team, and then Reno Big Horns. But he goes back to the Spurs in 2011. It was reported that recent contract for Green in Spurs was for four-year long contract and it’s worth US$45 million.
Green starts his career as an amateur basketball player back when he was a freshman year in North Babylon High School. At that time, Green played as a quarterback. He then continues his sophomore year in St. Mary’s High School in Manhasset, New York. He got many awards and listed for one of the best players during those periods. We can see from this information that he has already starts showing his talent since high school. Anyway, let’s hope the best for Danny Green and Spurs.

Messi Keep on Guard for Marquez 2014-Chassis

MarquezMarc Marquez is unmatched in the German MotoGP race last weekend. If we take a look back at the races in MotoGP Germany, we can clearly see that there are almost no critical situations for Marquez during the game. He was number one during all rounds in the race and he also finish as number one. There are a lot of people who are thinking about the reason behind his great performance last weekend. Many people are actually believed that the main reason is Marquez race. But there is also a rumor said that it’s because of the motor that he used for the game. It’s true that the rider skill is the important thing during the race. But the motorcycle that we used can be the reason too.
One factor is the Honda rider was again using the motor chassis he used in the last year. A little review of the achievement Marquez last year, his performance was so impressive. In 10 races earlier, the rider nicknamed The Baby Alien was the fastest finish. In fact, he was the equivalent of Mick Doohan and Giacomo Agostini who successfully won the championship in 10 consecutive races in the premier class. Then at the end of the Valencia MotoGP race, Marquez break Doohan’s record for wins in 13 races in one season.
However, the different results obtained Marquez stepped season of 2015. Of the nine series that have been undertaken, he can only win in two races, the MotoGP America and MotoGP Germany. In fact, the 22-year-old driver crashed three times in Argentina, Mugello and Catalunya. It such a pity that Marquez has to start the season with not-too-stand-out performance during the competitions. That’s why there is a rumor said that Marquez will use the 2014 chassis in order to get the last year glory back. The fact that chassis is one of the important things during the race can’t be ignored. Even if the rider is in a good condition yet the motor is in bad condition, he can’t win the race.
As a result in the drivers’ standings, 65 points adrift Marquez from Valentino Rossi who was on top of the standings. With nine races remaining, Marquez doubtful maintain champions. For your information, the chassis that used for 2014 race and 2015 race were actually similar. Both are the RC231V. But, many experts said that the 2015 version was kind of hard to control and causes many sliding. That’s why the rider, in this case is Marquez, can’t concentrate.
Reporters ask Rossi about his opinion regarding to this chassis issue. Rossi said that Marquez was highly predicted for thinking about Rossi and Lorenzo as his two strong rivals. He said that even though the competitions will get harder, there’s still big chance for Marquez to win the races. Rossi also agree about the better 2014 chassis that Marquez used in the last year season. He said that he thinks Marquez feels secure both psychology and physically when he uses that last year. He also wishes to compete again with Marquez and wish both for luck.

Rossi-Lorenzo fight ended in Valencia

Rossi-Lorenzo fightVeteran Yamaha rider, Valentino Rossi, believes that his fierce battle with the tandem, Jorge Lorenzo, will end up in the final MotoGP race of the season, which will be held in early November. “The Doctor” convinced the new world champion can be determined in MotoGP Valencia, Spain. His declaration makes people anticipated more about the race in MotoGP Valencia. It is already known that Rossi and Lorenzo are close friends, and at the same time, they are close rivals. Even during the MotoGP Germany, we can clearly see the competition between the two famous riders to snatch the second position.
Entering break half of the season, The Doctor is still firmly on top of the rider standings with 179 collection points. He’s still 13 points ahead of Lorenzo who entrenched in second place. This Italian pride rider was convinced margin points with Lorenzo will remain thin until the final series later. In one interview, Rossi said that he’s still confident about his position even though he didn’t get the top place in MotoGP Germany. The current points said it all. What Rossi said is true. With his ability to predict his position, people getting more excited since Rossi said that the MotoGP Valencia will be the final place to decide the top motoGP rider.
If we look back at the MotoGP Germany, we can see that Rossi was playing save and didn’t want to take the risks. That’s why the Doctor himself finished third in the German MotoGP last weekend. Meanwhile, X-Fuera finished one position behind Rossi. Even though Rossi was lose, during the battle with Lorenzo in the MotoGP Germany, but he’s still at the top with 13 different points from Lorenzo. Rossi was already predicting his position and it’s kind of amazing.
In one interview, Rossi said that he didn’t feel down because he loses the battle with Lorenzo in MotoGP Germany. He said that he’s happy that he’s 13 points higher than Lorenzo. But, he’s also aware that his “careless” during the motoGP Germany makes his position in a danger situation. He said that he’s happy to know the fact that the upcoming race will be fiercer with that gap points. He claims that the upcoming MotoGP Valencia will be more interesting to see. It’ll be a strong race with two best friends’ competition in the MotoGP Valencia.
While on the other hand, in an interview with GPone, Wednesday, July 15 2015, The Doctor also claim that it is only the one Lorenzo toughest opponent this season. Rossi said that Lorenzo remained as his opponent that he has to defeat. Rossi also said that Lorenzo is very strong. Especially when Lorenzo wins for four wins in a row, it was absolutely amazing. He thought that he has to work harder if he wants to win against Lorenzo. Rossi think that their fight will only end up in the final series later. Rossi is still consider Marc (Marquez) for his signs of rising, but he still thinks that Lorenzo was his opponent in the second half later.